Awesome Outdoor Science Activities

Spark a sense of wonder and adventure through outdoor science!

Looking for ways to keep your kids learning while exploring the world around them? Inspire your kids with these hands-on outdoor science projects! They’ll have serious fun while enjoying nature!

Science Activities and Experiments

Create a Water Volcano in a Bottle

Try out this two-part water experiment! First–why can’t you blow up a balloon in a bottle? And, second–what happens when you do…and then fill it with water? Play with water pressure and create a water volcano that is seriously fun!

Learn more: Water Volcano in a Bottle

Blow Giant Bubbles

Make your bubbles bigger than ever before with a giant bubble wand. To explore the science of engineering while playing with bubbles, create a Bubble Machine!

Learn more: Giant Bubble Wand

Blast off with Rocket Science!

Use the power of chemical reactions to launch Pop-Top Rockets!  These mini rockets are so easy to make and so fun to set off, you’ll want to launch them again and again.  Explore Rocket Science on Day 5 of Tinker Camp. Or if you want to experience more fun in the sun, we recommend our Fun with Flight crate. 

Learn more:  Pop-Top Rockets

Discover Birds & Nature 

Discover the wonderful world of birds on day 3 of Koala Camp!  Explore what makes these feathery friends so unique, create egg-inspired art, and craft a pair of toy binoculars to take with you on nature walks.

Learn more:  Discover Birds & Nature 

Use Science to Build a Better Sandcastle

Use science to build a better sandcastle!  Surface tension is what gives wet sand its strength for great sandcastle building. Too little water, and surface tension can’t hold the sand grains together. Too much water, and your sand collapses! Learn the science behind building a perfect construction.

Learn more: The Science Behind: Sandcastles

Experiment with Sand Slime!

Bring the beach to your backyard and use science to make sand slime! All you need is some clear glue and starch to transform simple sand into slime-like consistency! You’ll learn about polymer science in the process! 

Learn more: Sand Slime

Experiment with Campfire Chemistry

Campfire Chemistry

Watch a marshmallow grow to three times its original size with a quick and easy experiment using everyone’s favorite summer treat! The marshmallow grows when it burns because of chemistry happening deep within it. Marshmallows are made almost entirely out of sugar, and when sugar burns, one of the chemical compounds it makes is water vapor (like the hot steam from a kettle!). The water vapor is what makes the marshmallow grow.

Learn more: Campfire Chemistry 

Join us at Camp KiwiCo!

We invite you and your kids to join us for a fun-filled enriching summer time experience filled with discovery and delight! Camp KiwiCo offers four different sessions – Koala Camp, Kiwi Camp, Atlas Camp, and Tinker Camp – geared for a different age group. Each session is made up of five days that are jam-packed with free content. Each day of camp comes with a science theme that is explored through videos, printables, experiments, hands-on projects, and creative challenges. Camp KiwiCo is designed so that you can choose your own adventure and timeline. You can follow the schedule we created and do all five days back-to-back or you can spread the fun throughout the summer! 

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