7 Brain Break Ideas & Activities for Staying Active at Home

Whether it’s between learning from home lessons or during homework time after hours, your child’s brain needs a break! Short, physical activities throughout the day can help improve your student’s attention, mood, and creativity. These brain breaks get blood and oxygen flowing through the body and to the brain, calming the nervous system and decreasing stress. It’s a win/win for everyone (that includes you too, grownups)!

Experts recommend brain breaks every 30 minutes if possible. To help kickstart your brain break collection, we reached out to some of our favorite teachers for suggestions!

Superhero Workouts

Tabata is one of our favorite workouts at KiwiCo, so when elementary school teacher Kim Eagleson shared the Avengers Kids Tabata Workout with us, we knew we had to add it to the list! A Tabata workout requires 20 seconds of all-out intensity, followed by 10 seconds of rest. This four-minute version is perfect for a brain break. You can also try the Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, Black Panther, or other Get Kids Moving workouts!

Screen-Free Scavenger Hunts

Courtesy of Kohl’s Heathy at Home

Scavenger hunts get kids moving while also encouraging curiosity and problem-solving. These Active At-Home Scavenger Hunts put a creative spin on a classic game. This is also an activity that can be done with friends and family over Zoom!

Little Language Lessons

High school Spanish teacher, Andrea Ruiz, gives her students’ brains a break by taking a tour of the world. You can do the same by learning languages at home! These printable flashcards and activities from Mr. Printable will help give your child a much-needed screen time break. If you want to get your child’s tiny fingers moving, try practicing sign language with help from Start ASL!


We’re huge fans of GoNoodle at KiwiCo! Banana Banana Meatball is a go-to favorite brain break for high school special education teacher Andrew Boven. It’ll have your kids singing and laughing. GoNoodle is home to 300+ videos that feature kids songs, dance, yoga, mindfulness, stretching, and more! Make a list of your favorite videos and try a new one every day.

Choreographed Dances

If you haven’t given in to the TikTok temptation yet, now may be a good time (it’s for the kids after all). Learning a choreographed dance is a fun creative challenge that the whole family can take on. You can start small by learning from the pint-sized professionals at Kidz Bop. They also have a live daily dance break at 3 pm EST/12 pm PST!

Yoga & Meditation Moments

Courtesy of ©Sanford Health 2019

Yoga can be a fun way to reduce stress and anxiety while also building strength and coordination. If you’re looking for a screen-free brain break, check out Sanford Health’s free printable yoga cards. Another teacher favorite is Cosmic Yoga which will give your kid a dose of “healthy screen time”. They have hundreds of videos with different themes for learning and practicing new poses. If you want more moments like this in your house, also try out a few of the ideas we compiled in our post: Mindfulness Activities for Kids and Parents.

Quick DIYs & Easy Experiments

Shake up the scenery and take the at-home learning into the kitchen! We put together lists of our favorite kitchen science projects by age. For quick and easy projects in our list of activities for kids ages 3-8, we recommend the Milk Swirl Experiment, Fizzing Colors, Invisible Ink Messages, and the Pepper Swim-Away Experiment. And in our list of activities for kids ages 9 and up, we recommend the Flying Tea Bag, Dancing Salt, Underwater Fireworks, and the Bubble Lamp in a Bag. For longer projects, try spreading out steps to fill multiple brain breaks. Be sure to check out KiwiCo Corner for more DIYs!

If you’re looking for more screen-free activities, check out the KiwiCo Store! We have a bunch of hands-on projects that your child can take on independently or with a little grownup help. Kiwi projects come with multiple activities that you can spread out and use for brain breaks all week long!

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