Make Halloween at Home Fun with DIY Crafts & Experiments

Like many events in 2020, Halloween is shaping up to look different than years past. But no matter the fate of trick-or-treating in your neighborhood, you can make for a very happy Halloween at home! We collected some awesome activities to get your kids into the spooky spirit.

Spooky Science Projects

Leaky Pumpkin

Take your pumpkin game to a new level this year with this creepy chemical reaction! The leaky pumpkin foams up all over the place because of yeast. Yes, the same fungus that’s normally used to make bread rise! You can learn more about the science behind the reaction as you try it out.

Count Popula

If you want more chemistry this Halloween, mix up some citric acid, baking soda, and water to create a bubbling brew that blows up a balloon! Acids (like citric acid) and bases (like baking soda) do something special when they’re combined in water. In water, their molecules (the smallest piece of a substance) are free to float around and react with each other. This chemical reaction creates something completely new and gas is released into the balloon!

Creepy Crystals

This project is a perfect way to combine science and art! Your kids can create their own pipe cleaner crystals using borax and water. We recommend doing this experiment in late-September or early-October, so your kids can watch their crystals grow in the weeks leading up to Halloween!

Spider Launcher

At KiwiCo, we love launchers because they’re a super fun way to play with physics! With this project, your kids can turn a few rubber bands into a stretchy web that launches spiders across the room. While they make their launchers, you can talk to your kids about the difference between potential and kinetic energy!

Bendable Wire Mummy 

This may not seem like a science project at first glance, but you can easily turn this craft into a hands-on lesson about the science behind mummification. You can get even more use out of your kid’s mummy by starting a new at-home Halloween tradition! While your kids are sleeping, move the mummy into a different spot in the house just like the holiday tradition of Elf on the Shelf.

DIY Decorations

Ghost Tealights

Candles make for a perfectly eerie Halloween glow. Grab some air dry clay and mold little ghosts to illuminate Halloween dinner-time stories. These ghosts can serve as fun gifts for friends!

Soap Bar Mummies

These cute little mummies are the perfect craft for preschoolers. It’s simple and my kids loved adding the googly eyes. If you pick a scented soap, you can actually have your home smell extra yummy too!

Pillowcase Ghosts

This project is a Halloween classic! All you need are a few old white pillowcases, scissors, and a marker to make your yard a spooky scene.

3-D Yarn Spider Web

Add some dimension to your decor with a spherical spider web!

Creepy-Crawly Pipe Cleaner Spiders

We love DIYs that only use two ingredients! Create some creepy-crawly spiders to pair with a 3-D yarn web or have your kids hide them around the house!

Pins and Yarn Pumpkins

Decorate your pumpkins without the goopy mess! Inspire your kids to come up with unique designs using different shapes.

Flying Bat Ornaments

Save your next egg carton for this craft! You can use fishing lines to hang your kids’ bats from the ceiling so they look like they’re in flight.

Paper Plate Monsters

Create this trio of Halloween characters using dessert plates from the dollar store and a short list of supplies!

Creepy Crafts & Snacks

Spider Lollipops

These spiders bring a different meaning to trick-or-treat! Hide them around the house or take a walk and leave them in your neighbors’ yards as a spooky surprise.

Shrunken Apple Heads

This is a nostalgic craft for a lot of parents at KiwiCo! Use a few bad apples to carve some spooky shrunken heads.

Wooden Spoon Monsters

Stir up some fun by transforming simple wooden spoons into silly Halloween monsters. Have each family make a different monster to make up a spooky squad!

Crow Puppets

Give your scarecrow a job to do this Halloween with these cute puppets! 

Creepy Witch Finger Pretzels

With just a couple ingredients, you and your kids can whip up this wicked treat!

Q-Tip Skeleton

This is a simple project that can consume hours! You can turn it into a learning lesson by looking at the different bones that make up a skeleton before you start. 

Caramel Apple Monsters

Caramel apples are one of the best parts of fall! Turn this treat into a craft with a few extra ingredients.

Spider Web Snacks

While you wouldn’t eat real spider webs, you can make an exception with this sweet treat.

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