10 Engaging Activities to Bring the Family Together

We’re spending a little more time at home this holiday season than in years past, so we are all in need of fun activities that the whole family can enjoy. When you’re ready to give the screen a break, rally your tiny troops and try out a few of these games, DIYs, and projects!

Play & Pretend Together

Monster Mash Up

This creative and collaborative activity is endlessly entertaining and a huge hit with both kids and grownups. (Honestly, I often play this without kids present.) Challenge your family to think out of the box and see what kinds of creatures you can create together!

Pretend Campfire (with S’mores!)

Bring your favorite summer activities indoors with pretend play! You can take this activity to the next level by building a family fort to pair with your campfire. And if you’re craving the real thing, make some s’mores in the microwave.

Simple Scavenger Hunt

Who says scavenger hunts need to be complicated? This activity can be done with items you already have lying around the house. To connect with family far away, Zoom them in and play together!

Build & Experiment Together 

Craft Stick Chain Reaction

Chain reactions are amazing displays of energy. When everything is set up right, one little tap can cause a cascade of action, like a single domino knocking over a chain of thousands. Try this experiment with your family and see how long you can make the craft stick chain!

Cranberry Catapult

We love catapults around here at KiwiCo. Launching things is endless entertainment! Cranberries make for the perfect ammunition, but challenge your kids to try out different items and see who can launch them the farthest!

Egg Drop Project

This classic eggsperiment is sure to bring some eggcitement to your house! Challenge your kids to come up with a way to protect the egg! You can also make this activity into a competition and have each family member create their own egg drop contraption.

Baking Soda-Powered Boats

This project is a KiwiCo community favorite. You can build a few boats with different kinds of containers and race them in your tub!

Share & Make Together

Tree of Gratitude

The holidays are a great time to practice gratitude. Share moments of goodness with your family and hang them on your gratitude tree! For more gratitude activities, read our blog post here (link).

Homemade Dough Gift Tags

Send your gifts off with a tender touch. Have each family member make their own unique gift tag for someone special in their life.

Terra Cotta Winter Village

Create your own winter wonderland! Challenge each family member to decorate a house and then combine them into a cute village. 

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