The Making of KiwiCo’s Mega Marble Run

We’re so excited to share this epic community project with you! During quarantine, we challenged kids to build marble runs at home and then share them with us. The goal was to connect our community around the world one marble run at a time. In just a month, we ended up receiving over 700 marble runs from kids in over 20 countries. After lots and lots of editing, we’re capping the challenge off with an awesome hour-long video! 

To find your child’s marble run faster, check out the time code table of contents here!

The marble runs are incredibly cool and fun to watch, but what we love the most are the messages of hope and the moments of delight that came with them. It’s community projects like this that inspire us to keep pushing for a bigger and better tomorrow!

Thank you so much for participating in the Mega Marble Run Challenge! With the amount of videos we received, we weren’t able to address all the missing information or complications we would have liked to (e.g. expired videos sent over iCloud, videos with low resolution, or names or ages missing from emails). If you don’t see your child’s name there was likely a hiccup with the video file. We’re so sorry if your video didn’t make it in, but there will be many more fun challenges to come!

If you want to launch a mega marble run challenge with your family near and far, you can follow our instructions here. Share your creations with us on Instagram @kiwico_inc!

3 Replies to “The Making of KiwiCo’s Mega Marble Run”

  1. This is sooooo cool and thank you for all your hard work.

    We got some great ideas too,

    However we couldn’t find ours , even when we looked in the table.

  2. Thank you so much for putting together this video. We really enjoyed watching it and are inspired to be a part of such a creative community.

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