10 Cute Ways Kids Can Share Love This Valentine’s Day

The world needs a little more love right now. Whether your kids are learning from home or back in school, they can show friends and family their affection with handmade gifts and cards. We collected a few of our favorite KiwiCo crates and DIYs to inspire your little ones to get creative and show their gratitude for the people in their lives.

Homemade Gifts

Crystal Ombre Soap Making

Make a splash — with soapy science! Craft and customize two kinds of colorful, crystal-inspired soaps. Then take a deep dive into hands-on learning, and explore mineral science, colorful ombre geodes, and the squeaky-clean chemical reactions between soap, grime, and water. 

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Animal Bath Bombs

Dip your toes into bubbly bathtime chemistry with animal-shaped bath bombs! Learn about acid-base reactions and the science of molecules while mixing up a colorful chemical concoction, then press the mixture into bath-bomb shape. Drop your finished bath bombs into water to see fizzy chemical reactions — in action! One project can make 3-6 unique bath bombs.

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Tissue Paper Luminary

Create this simple Valentine’s Day tissue paper luminary and display on your mantle. The kids will enjoy cutting squares and hearts and spreading on the glue. When they are finished, they will get a kick out of seeing their luminary glow in the dark!

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Geometric Candles

Create a trio of geometric candles to decorate the house! With this candle making kit, learn how to fold a geometric mold, dye some wax, and transform the wax into a candle.

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Light-up Heart Flower

Challenge your child to combine art and engineering to make a light-up flower pencil! This homemade creation is a perfect gift for the writer in their child’s life.

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Sweet Snail Mail

Valentine’s Day Card Kit

With this pop-up card-making kit, your child’s Valentine’s Day cards will really pop! They can add an adorable pop-up shape to an existing card template, then decorate it with marker art, stick-on jewels, and even wiggle eyes. Sure to please all the valentines on their list.

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Fingerprint Stencil Heart

This classic project is great for younger kids. You can cut out a bunch of different sweet stencil shapes so they can customize each of their cards!

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Friendship Heart Necklace

This nostalgic DIY has been a friendship tradition for decades. Use this project to help your child create connections with their bffs near and far.

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Pulled String Paintings

Challenge your child to create an abstract work of art for a friend or family member using a few simple materials. 

Learn more: Pulled String Paintings 

Embroidered Heart Valentine

Teach your child this simple cross-stitching technique to make string art valentines. The homemade look and feel of the finished cards make a perfect last-minute note for a loved one.

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  1. Lear (age 5) created a lovely heart necklace to share with his best friend. Thank you for suggesting this wonderful craft!

    Alexander (age 7) used tissue paper to create a lovely candle holder with the use of a glass jar. He didn’t want to design with a heart-theme, so he created an underwater scene instead, using blue tissue paper as his background and tissue paper cut-outs for sharks, fish, and other underwater creatures. Thank you, KiwiCo!

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