5 Dr. Seuss Books for Encouraging Creativity in Kids


In the place where we put our childhood memories, a little parking space exists. The parking space reads, reserved for Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr. Seuss). The author and illustrator’s fantastical stories, forward-thinking illustrations, and zany characters make his books unforgettable – meritorious of a reserved space in our childhoods. Great reads for kids and fun escapes for adults, dig into lessons on creativity with these five Dr. Seuss books. Continue reading “5 Dr. Seuss Books for Encouraging Creativity in Kids”

March is National Reading Month!

Celebrate National Reading Month by reading with your kids! Reading is a great way to explore new worlds and characters, and create lifelong memories. Reading to children, whether or not they’re able to read themselves yet, creates a feeling of closeness and comfort for them, and it promotes early reading comprehension skills. Did you know that every crate in a KiwiCo subscription includes a magazine that explores the crate theme in more depth? Continue reading “March is National Reading Month!”

Science Fair Projects for 7th Grade

These science fair projects for 7th grade are perfect for allowing older kids to explore more advanced scientific concepts, like electrolysis and electroplating.

1. Copper Plated Coins

Use some household materials to plate your coins with copper! You can also try copper plating designs onto your coins!

Electrolysis is a way to dissolve bits of metal into acidic liquids like vinegar. When you run electricity through vinegar, the vinegar helps to carry electricity from one side of the circuit to the other. Electroplating is a way to put those little bits of copper onto something else. With just a little electricity, you can use electrolysis and electroplating to plate a quarter with copper. Does that make it look like a penny to you?
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Science Fair Projects for 5th Grade

These science fair projects for 5th grade make hands-on science and math fun! Here at KiwiCo, we’ve developed easy-to-follow experiments that are perfect for 5th graders to explore all kinds of topics, from chromatography to photosynthesis!

Don’t want the learning to stop? Check out our line of engineering kits that are perfect for 5th grade students.

1. Dry Ice Bubbles

Dry ice, the solid form of carbon dioxide, is a super fun and accessible way to play around with the physics of cold materials. In this experiment, we use dry ice to create self-filling fog bubbles. See how big you can make your bubble, then pop it and watch the fog cascade across your table!

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Science Fair Projects for 8th Grade

Spark scientific curiosity with these science fair projects for 8th grade that make learning about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) fun! Our team of researchers and scientists have developed easy-to-follow experiments that help older kids explore chemistry, physics, and tons of other scientific topics.

1. Electromagnetic Train

Did you know that electricity and magnetism are closely linked? In this project, experiment with the interplay between the two by building your own miniature electromagnetic train that zips down a track all by itself.

An electric current creates a magnetic field. In fact, a coil of wire like you made here creates a magnetic field very similar to the magnetic field of a plain old bar magnet. Now, the neodymium magnets have their own magnetic field, and they’re sitting right in the middle of the wire’s magnetic field. And just like a couple of fridge magnets, those magnetic fields interact with each other. That’s where the push that propels your train comes from. The neodymium magnets get pushed along by the magnetic field of the coil of wire. Continue reading “Science Fair Projects for 8th Grade”

Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas

Did you know that KiwiCo makes it easy to throw an amazing birthday party for your child? Guests can learn a little something and have tons of fun as well! Here are a few of our favorite kids’ birthday party ideas:

Dinosaur Birthday Party

First thing’s first: make sure you have tons of fun activities for the kiddos! Why not start with our Dinosaur Dress-Up crate (only $9.95 each)? Each crate contains all the materials and instructions to decorate a dinosaur tail and a matching pair of dino feet.
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Is your head spinning with all the different acronyms spinning around our culture these days? Find yourself wondering what do they all mean? Well, we can help with that: STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. The added “A” is for art, and the “R” is for reading. But, do you need to be worried if there is one that is right – or best – for your child? Our short answer is, “Nope.” Here at KiwiCo, we’re big fans of STEM, of course – but we also focus on STEAM because we think the value of art and design is critical in promoting creative confidence. And all our crates include a crucial element of literacy in the form of our magazines and blueprints!

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