Which one is the original Kiwi?

Kiwi Collage

The original kiwi–who inspired the name Kiwi Crate–is hiding among his friends. Which one is the original kiwi? Submit your answer here — and enter to win one of 25 kiwis! (You can enter in the comments, if you prefer.)

(We need your email to contact you about your prize if you win! We will not be collecting emails.)

The contest has ended! Here are the winners:

Chris Bailey
Mandy Schneider
Alicia Morse
Bethany Cox
Audra watts
lex sommers
Erin Leuschen
Douglas Page
Michelle Kerr
Jaime Glover
Jennifer Sloma
Joanna Apablaza
katie cheng
Lauren White
Leslie Jones
lizet sibaja
Renee Skoglund
Melinda Dreier
Paula smith
Robyn Jenkins
Shasta Willett
Tara Farhad
Vanessa Munshower

All winners have been notified. Congratulations!
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