Kiwi Camp: Day 5

Science in Sports

How Does Science Make You Better at Sports?

Science and sports go together like peanut butter and jelly! Explore how archs, angles and energy help humans score more points.

Give your body (and your brain!) a workout with the science of sports! Discover how muscles help you move, then build a model arm (complete with rubber-band muscles). Top it all off with a delicious, nutritious protein snack.


Moving with Muscles

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Rubber Band–Powered Arm

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Long Jump Experiment

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Protein-Packed Fruit Dip

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Word Workout Puzzle

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STEAM Challenge

Host Your Own Mini Olympics

Kiwi Camp counselor Marisa is challenging you to compete in your very own Olympics. Invent games to play with your family and make medals to award your household champions!

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Added fun

Check out more projects from KiwiCo to supplement the activities for today!

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More awesomeness

  1. Reaction-Time Challenge

    When it comes to sports, having a speedy reaction time helps. Try out this simple experiment and record your reaction time!

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  2. "Fastball Interactive Game"

    Play ball! Try out this virtual baseball challenge to test your reaction time and win the game.

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  3. How Rubber Balls Are Made

    Discover what goes into manufacturing bouncy basketballs!

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  4. The Swish Machine

    This chain-reaction machine combines sports and science in a 70-step journey to the hoop!

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