Tinker Camp: Day 4

Tinkering with Toys

What is an Automaton?

Automatons are often considered an ancient ancestor of the robots we know today. Explore how they work and where you can find them today!

Explore the awesome science behind automatons — from wind-up toys to jack-in-the-boxes. Discover the engineering and design that went into making some seriously cool contraptions, then build your own cam-operated critter!


Everyday Automatons

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Music in a Box

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Super Soaker Design

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Tissue-Box Automaton

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Wind-Up Art

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STEAM Challenge

Design and Build a Mechanical Toy

Tinker Camp councelor Rebekah is challenging you to think like a product deisgner and create your own toy!

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Check out more projects from KiwiCo to supplement the activities for today!

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