Build a foundation for
lifelong learning

For children 0-36 months,
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What You Get Every Month

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Age-specific product

Age-specific product

Designed specifically for your child's age & stage
Includes ideas for how to find more use for the product as your child ages
Designed with experts
Each month's item is designed & reviewed by experts to provide maximum benefit to your child's development

Cricket board book

Cricket board book

Beautifully illustrated
Beautiful illustrations to engage & inspire
Sturdy design
Sturdy board book will last for years
Language development & literacy tips
Tips included in each book on how to promote language development, literacy & bonding

Wonder magazine

Wonder magazine

Expert advice
Research-backed answers to parenting questions
In this crate
Tips for using this month's product as your baby grows
Your baby this month
Age-targeted information on child development
At-home activities
Ideas to support bonding and language learning

Online toolkit

Online toolkit

Parenting resources
Articles, videos, and links on child development from our partners at Seattle Children's Hospital
Bonus materials
More age-specific activities, ideas and printables
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Why Cricket Crate?

Developed with experts.

Approved by parents!

Take it from the experts!
  • Age-targeted

    Products and information that grow with your baby.

  • Convenient

    Delivered right to your door, every month.

  • Research-backed

    Educational materials backed by child development experts.

  • Educational

    Designed to lay the foundation for lifelong learning.

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Who we are

Cricket Crate delivers information, inspiration, and products that support your child's healthy development and lifelong learning.

We believe that children are naturally curious and creative, and learn by playing, exploring, and most importantly, through interactions with the significant adults in their lives.

We've designed Cricket Crate to be grounded in the science of early childhood, but made helpful, practical, and convenient. We're delighted to be working with the experts at Seattle Children's Hospital to bring you research-backed techniques to support your child's healthy development.

We're grateful to play a part in this journey with you!

How it works

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Awards and Press

Frequently asked questions

What is Cricket Crate?
Cricket Crate delivers information, inspiration and products that encourage the development and creativity of your child. Every month, we deliver content about your child's development—all backed by research. We offer fresh ideas around creative ways to engage and bond with your child. Plus, we create and deliver quality products and books that are designed to be age-appropriate and vetted for your child.
How are the crates designed?
Cricket Crate is designed by our team of in house experts, which include former educators and child development professionals, along with our partners at Seattle Children's Hospital who specialize in child health, behavior and development.

Additionally, every crate is rigorously tested with babies and parents to ensure the crates are age-appropriate, engaging and universally appealing, and to ensure that the instructions are clear and easy to understand.
What countries does Cricket Crate ship to?
Currently, Cricket Crate ships anywhere in the United States and Canada, including Hawaii, Alaska, and APO addresses. Shipping is free in the U.S. and an additional $6.95 per month to Canada.
Can I give Cricket Crate as a gift?
Yes, Cricket Crate makes a wonderful gift! When you purchase you can select that it is a gift and have the opportunity to write a gift message (optional). Additionally, we include a message with the first crate that lets the recipient know they have been gifted a 3-Month Newborn Pack so they know they will be receiving 3 crates. You can choose to have the first crate sent to your address, so you can present it in person and then have the crates for month two and month three sent directly to the gift recipient. Of course, you can also choose to have all three crates sent to the gift recipient. Either way, your gift will be enjoyed for months to come!
Can I ship the first crate to myself and the second and third crates to someone else?
Yes. In checkout, you can choose to have the first crate sent to you and the second and third crates sent to the recipient's address. This is great for gift giving.
When does Cricket Crate ship?
We will ship your order within 2-3 days of your purchase (U.S. only), unless you choose a future subscription start month. When your crate ships you will receive a shipping confirmation email.

Cricket Crate is tailored to correspond to your child's age and stage, so we ship the first crate (Month 1) to correspond with the first crate ship date you select. Then we send the second crate (Month 2) the month after the first crate and the third crate (Month 3) the month after the second. US customers can check the status of shipments on their My Account page once a crate has shipped.

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