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Toy Story 4 DIYs

Disney and KiwiCo teamed up to deliver DIY STEM projects that inspire kids to be creative problem solvers and bring Woody, Buzz, and beloved craft-turned-toy, Forky, to life!

Ensemble Fun: Ferris Wheel Desk Organizer

Build your own Ferris Wheel Desk Organizer and make after school activities as fun as a carnival. Using a printable template, you can trace and cut the basic structure that’ll become a desk-sized organizer to store all your school accessories, like erasers, paper clips, sticky notes, and more.

STEM: Explore design and mechanics to construct a FUNctional organizer for your desk.

Make It

Space Ranger School with Buzz and Woody

To infinity and beyond! Build a zipline for Buzz Lightyear and Woody that uses the power of a propeller to push them forward with amazing speed. After a propeller is attached to the cut-out Buzz or Woody, it can be twisted to build up tension in a rubber band. Releasing the propeller unwinds the rubber band and powers the racer forward.

STEM: Propulsion and momentum both play a part in making your racer go. Conduct zipline races and experiment with thrust, torque, and drag.

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Craft-Turned-Toy: Self-Inflating Forky

Bring Forky to life using the science of chemistry! Use the power of kitchen science to create self-inflating balloon characters. Stretch a white balloon over a bottle into which an acid and a base have been combined. The resulting reaction creates a gas that fills the balloon. Then use big googly eyes, a red marker, and pipe cleaners to make your creation look like everyone’s favorite homemade friend — with a spooky twist!

STEM: A chemical reaction makes your Forky come to life. Learn about safe acids and bases, right in your kitchen.

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