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  1. Paper Masks

    Paper Masks

    Who are you? Are you a roaring wild animal? A mischievous rat? Hey, who is behind that grand mustachio?!? What masks and...

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  2. Fairy Umbrella

    Fairy Umbrella

    My daughter is a fairy-loving little girl. We have everything you could imagine in a miniature version, but recently she told me that she was...

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  3. Fairy Dust Necklace

    Fairy Dust Necklace

    By adding glitter to a teeny-tiny glass bottle, my daughter imagined she had wings that could fly her to all sorts of magical places. I...

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  4. Rock Snowman

    Rock Snowman

    Create a snowman made out of rocks and decorated with almost anything you can find in your leftover craft supplies.

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  5. Crackled Painting

    Crackled Painting

    We love to draw and paint in our house, so we were very excited to try out a new technique!

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  6. Frozen Banana Pops

    Frozen Banana Pops

    We're always looking for healthy snacks around here! Right now, my toddler is obsessed with "pops" (lollipops) so I thought we would use his...

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  7. Stick Easel

    Stick Easel

    We like this one very much... should it go with Daddy to work for holding art and cards, or should it go on top of...

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  8. Stained Glass Paper Art

    Stained Glass Paper Art

    My kids love to create things, and hang them up for display. The wall is a fine place to hang things but when they wanted...

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  9. Origami Paper Bracelet

    Origami Paper Bracelet

    I remember as a child at camp we learned how to turn gum wrappers into chains that could be used for jewelry, or a garland....

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  10. Dried Bean Mosaic Art

    Dried Bean Mosaic Art

    My kids love any project that allows them to use glue. Since they also love to color we created a fun project that allowed them...

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  11. Homemade Guitar

    Homemade Guitar

    We are a musical family and our daughter loves playing the "air guitar" so we decided to make a homemade one that she could really...

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  12. Paper Beads

    Paper Beads

    Certainly we're big on beads in our house. While there are a variety of ways to make paper beads, these are simple enough for...

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  13. Jeweled Ladies

    Jeweled Ladies

    Was there ever a little girl who didn't like playing with her mama's earrings? Surely not my little girl! Here's a pretty project...

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  14. Roses and Hearts Bento Box

    Roses and Hearts Bento Box

    We have fun creating and eating bento meals at our house. My son loves to help in each stage of creating them. This meal is...

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  15. Paper Scraps Turned Matisse Masterpiece

    Paper Scraps Turned Matisse Masterpiece

    I could spend hours searching Pinterest to find fun, kid-friendly activities to complete with my two sons. When I ran across this Matisse inspired art...

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