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  1. Put a Pipe Cleaner in it!

    Put a Pipe Cleaner in it!

    There is something fun about pipe cleaners. Maybe it is the happy colors or the bendability, who knows. One thing is for certain, kiddos love'em!

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  2. Tissue Paper Collage

    Tissue Paper Collage

    Painting with food coloring is great for creating vivid colors. It's a perfect medium for toddlers as it is completely non toxic. Create lines,...

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  3. Bread Tag Monsters

    Bread Tag Monsters

    Need a quick little craft project to keep the kids busy? Do you collect bread tags for no good reason? Then this silly monster craft...

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  4. DIY Doll Lunch Box

    DIY Doll Lunch Box

    Is your doll ready for back-to-school? Does she get hungry at lunch time? Do the other dolls make fun of her lunch box because it's...

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  5. Toilet Roll Cuff Bracelets

    Toilet Roll Cuff Bracelets

    These little homemade cuff bracelets are just a quick little craft that are fun to make and fun to wear. Bring on the bling!

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  6. Fall Tree Hand Craft

    Fall Tree Hand Craft

    Is there anything better than crafting with tissue paper? It's a simple and inexpensive material that provides a satisfying sensory and fine motor experience for...

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  7. Lilypad Boats

    Lilypad Boats

    This is a fast, easy, no-mess craft that your kids will love making! Lilypad Boats are so cute and fun to play with.

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  8. Pirate Flags

    Pirate Flags

    This is a great craft to talk about how pirate flags were to scare merchant ships so that the pirates could take over the ship...

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  9. Monster Felt Board

    Monster Felt Board

    We had a major car trip coming up and I knew the kids needed something to entertain themselves while sitting in the car all day....

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  10. Little White Duck

    Little White Duck

    Maddie and I both cooed over this darling Little White Duck made from handprints and tissue... show him off by himself, or give him a...

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  11. B is for Beans

    B is for Beans

    This is a simple activity that can be modified for almost any letter and small material. It is a fun way to build manual dexterity,...

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  12. Stick Bugs

    Stick Bugs

    Explore nature with this simple stick bug craft.

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  13. Healthy Plate

    Healthy Plate

    I truly believe you can set a path for your children to create healthy eating habits as soon as they can take down the mush....

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  14. Rhyming Treasure Hunt

    Rhyming Treasure Hunt

    Practice rhyming and teamwork as you and your children go on a rhyming treasure hunt!

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  15. Letter Pasta Art

    Letter Pasta Art

    As my five-year-old is learning to read, I am always looking for interesting ways to incorporate letters into her crafts and play. This one was...

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