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  1. Combination Lock Bracelet

    Combination Lock Bracelet

    To help your child remember the combination to their bike lock or school locker, here are three different ways to make a bracelet with their...

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  2. Denim & Fabric Scrap Pots

    Denim & Fabric Scrap Pots

    If you don't do a lot of sewing, this is the craft for you and your kid! If you have quite a bit of denim...

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  3. Corn on the Cob Pencil Holder

    Corn on the Cob Pencil Holder

    Here's a fun corn on the cob craft for your kids to make. Because of the beans it's surprisingly sturdy. Functional and fun!

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  4. "Out to Lunch" Books

    Here's a great way to create some unique book ideas this fall that you can make with your kids to get them ready to go...

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  5. Chinese New Year Dragon Puppet

    Chinese New Year Dragon Puppet

    Celebrate Chinese New Year with your kids by making these fun puppets! While they are creating them, you can talk with them about the significance...

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  6. Duct Tape Wallet

    Duct Tape Wallet

    Make saving (and spending) more exciting with this unique DIY wallet!

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  7. Recycled Piggy Bank

    Recycled Piggy Bank

    This recycled piggy bank is the perfect place to save your money.

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  8. Do-It-Yourself Dress-Up Wardrobe

    Do-It-Yourself Dress-Up Wardrobe

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  9. Stick Basket

    Stick Basket

    With a few sticks and string you can make a stick basket that has so many uses!

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  10. Fabric Wreath

    Fabric Wreath

    Create a fabric wreath to celebrate anything from a holiday to your favorite sports team!

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  11. Homemade Birthday Banner

    Homemade Birthday Banner

    In our house, we try to make as many things as we can for the kids' parties by using things that we already have on...

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  12. Foil Mosaic

    Foil Mosaic

    Add a sparkle to any art piece with aluminum foil like we did with this mosaic snail.

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  13. Paper Plate Fraction Puzzles

    Paper Plate Fraction Puzzles

    We had so much fun creating these paper plate puzzles together. The kids enjoyed making puzzles to challenge each other and I snuck in a...

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  14. Toy Tub Labels

    Toy Tub Labels

    De-clutter your home by setting up photo shoots for toys and games while teaching children how to be more organized. Creating labels that have both...

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  15.  Bendable Fabric Flower

    Bendable Fabric Flower

    Make a pretty flower from colorful fabric scraps and pipe cleaners. A fun way to dress up your desk or add some lively summer color...

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