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  1. Ruffled Knit Scarf Using Mesh Yarn...Knit By A Ten Year Old!

    Ruffled Knit Scarf Using Mesh Yarn...Knit By A Ten Year Old!

    Your child will only need one ball of yarn to make a beautiful scarf! It's a perfect, economical craft for making gifts for almost...

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  2. Do-It-Yourself Kid's Car

    Do-It-Yourself Kid's Car

    What could be more fun than a creative challenge than building a toy car with your child?

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  3. Boredom Busters-index cards to the rescue!

    Boredom Busters-index cards to the rescue!

    Here's a quick boredom buster for your wee ones seven and older though some of the younger kids may totally be up to this. They'll...

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  4. Finger Knitting Braided Scarf Winter Craft For Kids

    Finger Knitting Braided Scarf Winter Craft For Kids

    Ta da! At long last here is a great way to use those ropes of finger knitting - a fun finger knit braided scarf! A...

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  5. Homemade Birthday Banner

    Homemade Birthday Banner

    In our house, we try to make as many things as we can for the kids' parties by using things that we already have on...

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  6. Finger Knitting Tutorial and Bracelet

    Finger Knitting Tutorial and Bracelet

    Finger knitting may seem complicated at first...but after the first minute, it's easy to understand, and it goes really fast! You'll have a bracelet,...

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  7. Recycled Piggy Bank

    Recycled Piggy Bank

    This recycled piggy bank is the perfect place to save your money.

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  8. Stick Basket

    Stick Basket

    With a few sticks and string you can make a stick basket that has so many uses!

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  9. Fabric Wreath

    Fabric Wreath

    Create a fabric wreath to celebrate anything from a holiday to your favorite sports team!

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  10. Do-It-Yourself Kids Puppet Stand

    Do-It-Yourself Kids Puppet Stand

    Get busy with a quick and easy project that is fun to build with your child... a wooden Puppet Stand!

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  11. Crystal Seashells

    Crystal Seashells

    Combine the excitement of the beach and the joy of science together with these amazing crystal seashells!

    Do not worry if the...

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  12. Geometric Mobiles (Himmelis)

    Geometric Mobiles (Himmelis)

    This stunning project is also surprisingly simple to make. Himmelis are geometric mobiles that are used as Finnish Christmas decorations. Traditionally they are made...

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  13. Paper Plate Fraction Puzzles

    Paper Plate Fraction Puzzles

    We had so much fun creating these paper plate puzzles together. The kids enjoyed making puzzles to challenge each other and I snuck in a...

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  14. Bird Mask

    Bird Mask

    Definitely a quick and easy to make, handmade costume to add to your child's wardrobe! It involves very limited sewing that can easily be done...

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  15. Bead Rings

    Bead Rings

    Ready to make some pretty jewelry with your kids? Here's a great craft that will add some "bling" to your little ones wardrobe (and yours...

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