41 Cool Arts & Crafts Ideas: craft sticks

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  1. Craft Stick Magnets

    Craft Stick Magnets

    Decorate a popsicle stick with paints, beads, buttons and tiny trinkets, then put two magnets on the back. Perfect for holding heavier things on the...

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  2. Craft Stick Pencil Holder

    Craft Stick Pencil Holder

    What’s more fun than creating a project kids can see being used around the house? Make one to organize paintbrushes, crayons or markers...

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  3. Craft Stick Bangle

    Craft Stick Bangle

    Who knew a craft stick could become a fashionable bracelet? I loved the way these came out. Being able to wear the kids' art around...

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  4. Craft Stick Basket

    Craft Stick Basket

    I love how imperfectly darling this little basket came out. My daughter enjoyed personalizing each popsicle stick as she built this little spring gem!

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  5.  Craft Stick Beach Plaque

    Craft Stick Beach Plaque

    This is a fun projects for kids and adults to do together. It's easy to make and the variations are many. A fun decoration for...

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  6. Lion and Lamb Masks

    Lion and Lamb Masks

    If you little ones love masks, animals, and pretend play, this is a great craft for them to make!

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  7. Mini Skateboard

    Mini Skateboard

    A cool little craft for the boy in your life! My son loved making these cool little mini skateboards.

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  8. Pumpkin Emotion Learning Tool

    Pumpkin Emotion Learning Tool

    My son and I create a simple tool to help facilitate talking about feelings.

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  9. Mask making

    Mask making

    Whether it's Mardi Gras or not, these masks are a fun craft for your kids to make any time of the year!

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  10. Flag Tree

    Flag Tree

    While at the craft store the other day, I grabbed a pack of those stick-on flags that are used to highlight or mark a page....

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  11. Craft Stick Puzzle

    Craft Stick Puzzle

    Ah, the craft stick--that most ubiquitous of art supplies! Craft sticks have fortified countless cabins, propped up innumerable paper puppets, and provided the framework for frames...

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  12. Texture Tots!

    Texture Tots!

    Such great texture! Theae paintings are great. A wonderful idea to create a different type of painting experience for your kiddos!

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  13. Car Puppets

    Car Puppets

    Make your own car puppets to play with!

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  14. Popsicle Sticks & Masking Tape

    Popsicle Sticks & Masking Tape

    I find that if I give my nephews tape and almost any other material, they can come up with some pretty cool stuff all on...

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  15. Butterfly Life Cycle Puppets

    Butterfly Life Cycle Puppets

    Put on a puppet show with your little ones once they make these fun and simple puppets! You can all make up your...

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