23 Cool Arts & Crafts Ideas: fabric paint DIY projects

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  1. Make Your Own Apron

    Make Your Own Apron

    Kids love to cook wearing their own apron! You can make a very professional looking apron very easily and enjoy cooking your meals - with...

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  2. Denim & Fabric Scrap Pots

    Denim & Fabric Scrap Pots

    If you don't do a lot of sewing, this is the craft for you and your kid! If you have quite a bit of denim...

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  3. Stamped Garden Gloves

    Stamped Garden Gloves

    These cute garden gloves would make a great Mother's Day gift. My daughter loved stamping the cute little grapes all over the gloves! She asked...

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  4. Celery Stamped Napkins

    Celery Stamped Napkins

    This year, get ready for Mother's Day brunch by making personalized napkins. You can create your very own stamped napkins with a...

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  5. Personalized Painted T-Shirts

    Personalized Painted T-Shirts

    Paint your own personalized t-shirts using a stencil made with freezer paper.

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  6. Coloring Book T-Shirt

    Coloring Book T-Shirt

    My kids' eyes lit up when I suggested a coloring book t-shirt--the thought of coloring on things that they're not normally allowed to color on...

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  7. Fingerprint Flowers

    Fingerprint Flowers

    It's so easy to make flowery art with fingerprints, and there's no reason to limit these pretty flowers to paper. Make a pretty gardening...

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  8.  Ladybugs from Egg Cartons

    Ladybugs from Egg Cartons

    Ladybugs! Who doesn't love ladybug crafts? They are really easy for kids to make, teenagers think they are cute, and you can vary the colors...

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  9. Classroom or Naptime Keepsake

    Classroom or Naptime Keepsake

    Being away from home can be tough on kids. Our school recommends making a special keepsake that kids can keep in their cubbies and pull...

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  10. Making a Rocket

    Making a Rocket

    Use a mailing tube to create a rocket that "blasts off!"

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  11. Polka Dot T-Shirt

    Polka Dot T-Shirt

    My daughter is getting hands on with her back to school wardrobe and it's getting her very excited for that first day of school to...

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  12. Stamped Jeans

    Stamped Jeans

    We are in full back to school prep over here! Re-purposing clothing that still fits is a fun way to get ready. My daughter was...

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  13. Rose Print Napkin Set

    Rose Print Napkin Set

    I love the idea of functional art for gifts. These sweet napkins would be a wonderful Mother's Day gift and they are a lot of...

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  14. Stamped Scarf

    Stamped Scarf

    Keep warm with this cute hand stamped scarf. Design and customize your very own  geometric stamp to create a one of a...

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  15. Fancy Leggings

    Fancy Leggings

    It's easy to take a pair of plain leggings or a t-shirt up a notch with a little fabric paint and a cool stencil. My...

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