13 Cool Arts & Crafts Ideas: needle and thread DIY projects

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  1. Pocket Hearts FOR MUM & DAD

    Pocket Hearts FOR MUM & DAD

    For all the Mums and Dads out there who are dropping their babies off for the first time; who are hoping the teacher is as...

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  2. Play Money

    Play Money

    Kids will love playing shop, being the leaders of their own country, and learning numbers, with this set of personalized play money.

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  3. How to Make Puffy Clouds

    How to Make Puffy Clouds

    These whimsical clouds are just so fun to make and hang around the house. Your kids will love them!

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  4. Monster Hat with Ear Flaps

    Monster Hat with Ear Flaps

    Hand your kiddo their hat and all sorts of scrappy bits and glue. Tacky glue works wonders with felt. Let your little ones create a...

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  5. Birthday Crown

    Birthday Crown

    A quick and easy craft project to make for a birthday (or any occasion). Have fun creating this party piece!

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  6. Make a T-shirt Pillow Out of a Special Shirt

    Make a T-shirt Pillow Out of a Special Shirt

    Does your child have a favorite shirt that they’ve outgrown or maybe one with a special meaning to it? Why not save that shirt and...

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  7. Felt and Paper Jester Hat

    Felt and Paper Jester Hat

    Ring them bells! This easy to create hat makes for a great dance party accoutrement. All you need is some felt and paper from around...

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  8. Button Light Switch Plate

    Button Light Switch Plate

    Pretty up a plain ol' light switch... all it takes is a few things you probably already have around the house!

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  9. Button Hairpins

    Button Hairpins

    These darling hairpins couldn't be simpler to make! Do you like ducks? Dragonflies? Hearts? Anything is possible!

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  10. Kids Sewing Kit

    Kids Sewing Kit

    Do you have a young person who would enjoy a sewing kit? It's a fantastic project that will give your child endless craft possibilities!

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  11. Fabric Parachutes

    Fabric Parachutes

    The Fabric Parachutes made great homemade toys that kept my kids busy all day long! They had a great time practicing their sewing skills...

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  12. Geometric Mobiles (Himmelis)

    Geometric Mobiles (Himmelis)

    This stunning project is also surprisingly simple to make. Himmelis are geometric mobiles that are used as Finnish Christmas decorations. Traditionally they are made...

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  13. Classroom or Naptime Keepsake

    Classroom or Naptime Keepsake

    Being away from home can be tough on kids. Our school recommends making a special keepsake that kids can keep in their cubbies and pull...

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