74 Cool Arts & Crafts Ideas: pencil DIY projects

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  1. How to Draw: The Pieces Make Up the Whole

    How to Draw: The Pieces Make Up the Whole

    When you approach a drawing activity with kids (adults too) they often have difficulty making their artwork go past the simple cartoon like image. One...

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  2. Classroom or Naptime Keepsake

    Classroom or Naptime Keepsake

    Being away from home can be tough on kids. Our school recommends making a special keepsake that kids can keep in their cubbies and pull...

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  3. Clothespin Sculpture

    Clothespin Sculpture

    This coloring and balancing project was inspired by Nancy Rubins'' monumental boat sculptures. They are surprising and thrilling to look at and your child...

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  4. Pictures In Clay

    Pictures In Clay

    Create different pictures with clay for a new way to draw and create!

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  5. Audubon Birds

    Audubon Birds

    It can be Spring all year when creating this craft! For 3-5 year old kids they can focus on birds from the artwork of John...

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  6. B is for Beans

    B is for Beans

    This is a simple activity that can be modified for almost any letter and small material. It is a fun way to build manual dexterity,...

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  7. Canada Day Pinwheels

    Canada Day Pinwheels

    Celebrate Canada by making these fun pinwheels with your kids. The bright red Canadian leaf really brings this toy to life eh?

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  8. Feelings Friend

    Feelings Friend

    Create a doll that changes expressions to show different feelings!

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  9. Silly Symmetrical Socks

    Silly Symmetrical Socks

    What do you know about socks? Socks go on your feet, they can be short or long, after gym class they smell really bad, and...

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  10. Stamped Garden Gloves

    Stamped Garden Gloves

    These cute garden gloves would make a great Mother's Day gift. My daughter loved stamping the cute little grapes all over the gloves! She asked...

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  11. Toilet Paper Roll Kazoo

    Toilet Paper Roll Kazoo

    We have been into making music for the past few weeks at our house so we decided to add to our growing collection of instruments...

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  12. Sunflower Pencil

    Sunflower Pencil

    Sunflower pencils are a nice addition to any room, especially a classroom. We think these sweet pencils are the perfect gift for a favorite teacher.

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  13. Cookie Cutter Tracing

    Cookie Cutter Tracing

    Are you looking for a quick little project to occupy the kids while you make dinner, take a shower, or enjoy three uninterrupted minutes of...

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  14. Olympic Torch Craft

    Olympic Torch Craft

    Teach your kids about the origins of the Olympics and the modern Olympic Games we have today! They'll be learning while they are having fun...

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  15. Eraser Stamps

    Eraser Stamps

    Do you have a ton of pink erasers scattered around the house or filling up your junk drawer? Give them a...

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