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  1. Paint with dots! Lotsa lotsa dots!

    Paint with dots! Lotsa lotsa dots!

    Have your wee ones go on a circle hunt in the house to look for household items that would produce a circle. You can show...

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  2. Yikes! Stripes!

    Yikes! Stripes!

    Lines are all around us. Take a look at a few books with your kids to find stripes. Simply put for them, stripes are lines...

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  3. Painting with Cotton Swabs

    Painting with Cotton Swabs

    This is a fun and super easy craft. If you have some acrylic paints and cotton swabs lying around, then you have everything you need...

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  4. Tissue Paper Collage

    Tissue Paper Collage

    Painting with food coloring is great for creating vivid colors. It's a perfect medium for toddlers as it is completely non toxic. Create lines,...

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  5. Shape Stampede

    Shape Stampede

    Shapes and Stamping are all the rage when it comes to kids having fun while making art. Enjoy!

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  6. Farm Land

    Farm Land

    Little ones ages 3-5 years old will have a blast making this craft while learning about farms and why the land on farms is so...

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  7. Homemade Lantern Decoration

    Homemade Lantern Decoration

    Have fun decorating paper lanterns for with all sorts of creative processes and to suit your chosen color scheme, whether it be for Christmas, a...

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  8. Q-Tip Dandelion

    Q-Tip Dandelion

    The other day at the park, we were blowing dandelion fluff and it gave me the idea to recreate a dandelion picture, fluff and all,...

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  9. Chalkboard Coasters

    Chalkboard Coasters

    Chalkboard paint may be the coolest thing to enter the crafting world this decade! My kids love to turn all sorts of things into chalkboards...and...

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  10. Q-tip Flowers

    Q-tip Flowers

    It never ceases to amaze me what my children will find to create with. Q-tips are always a favorite with my 5-year old and on...

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  11. Confetti Cork Board

    Confetti Cork Board

    My children create a lot of art and I love displaying it. Not only because I love what my kids create, but because it gives...

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  12. Rainy Day Window Painting

    Rainy Day Window Painting

    This activity was a great way to keep my little ones' hands busy when it was too wet to go outside. While the clouds...

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