100 Cool Arts & Crafts Ideas: recycled DIY projects

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  1. Do It Yourself Kid's Kitchen

    Do It Yourself Kid's Kitchen

    Build a kitchen with your child to role-play as a chef!

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  2. Cardboard Tube Owls

    Cardboard Tube Owls

    I'm a big fan of using recycled materials for craft projects with kids. It teaches them at a young age to think outside the box...

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  3. Paper Bowls Made of Recycled Paper

    Paper Bowls Made of Recycled Paper

    This recycling project is a lovely way to use that tall stack of already-used paper that the children are done with. Drawn on, ripped,...

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  4. Pretend Play Smores

    Pretend Play Smores

    Want all the fun of making s'mores, but without the sugar-high afterwards? These pretend play s'mores are SO easy to make, and they are calorie-free...

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  5. Tin foil festive...

    Tin foil festive...

    This simple and slightly gooey activity has such eye pleasing results why not do it over and over and over again? Have fun!

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  6.  Back to School Pencil Holders

    Back to School Pencil Holders

    As kids head back to school their creativity will come alive, and bright colors are a fabulous stimulant. This craft is so easy to do...

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  7. Make a Chinese Dragon Puppet

    Make a Chinese Dragon Puppet

    This is a wonderful craft to teach your kids about traditions and celebrations for Chinese New Years. They will have fun creating these puppets while...

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  8. Fun Placards For The Seder!

    Fun Placards For The Seder!

    Here's a fun ten plagues Passover craft that you can make and use at the Passover seder to create a little bit of excitement and...

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  9. Salt Shaker Noise Maker

    Salt Shaker Noise Maker

    Music is a shared experience that invites families to come together. Kids love playing, making, and dancing tomusic—and now they can make their own instrument.

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  10. Magical Keys

    Magical Keys

    We have a new favorite! Not only was my daughter more excited than ever to make her very own magical keys, but the imaginative play...

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  11. Pie Tin Cymbals

    Pie Tin Cymbals

    My kids (ages 5 and 2) love making music by banging on pots and pans. So making instruments out of pie tins was right up...

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  12. Packing Peanut Bugs

    Packing Peanut Bugs

    My daughter loves making bug crafts. She loves reading bug stories. She even loves keeping bugs in a jar. But if a bug dares to...

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  13. Easy Stitch Cards

    Easy Stitch Cards

    These easy to make stitch cards are perfect for keeping little hands busy. They are the perfect way to beat the "I'm bored" blues!...

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  14. Newspaper Sculpture

    Newspaper Sculpture

    We made a mush of paper to sculpt some beautiful hearts. My children had fun getting a little messy and exploring new textures. We decorated...

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  15. Tile + Markers = Coaster

    Tile + Markers = Coaster

    When we came across some tiles that were at a local home warehouse recycling center, I grabbed a handful with absolutely no idea what to...

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