17 Cool Arts & Crafts Ideas: ziplock bag DIY projects

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  1. Ice Cream in a Baggie

    Ice Cream in a Baggie

    This all-natural ice cream recipe is fun to make all-year round--no ice cream maker required!

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  2. No-Mess Marbled Painting

    No-Mess Marbled Painting

    This no-mess version of marbled painting was quick, easy, and inexpensive to make! Plus, it keeps the kids occupied all morning while experimenting with different...

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  3. Ziploc Bag & Paint

    Ziploc Bag & Paint

    I was inspired by this post on Let's Explore to try this technique at home because it looks so entertaining, uses only two ingredients,...

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  4. 3 Letter Lacing Busy Bag

    3 Letter Lacing Busy Bag

    One of the things I enjoy doing with V is incorporating learning into a fun activity. And if that activity can be incorporated into...

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  5. Spider Web Snacks

    Spider Web Snacks

    Our kids love helping in the kitchen--so, when I saw this darling and delicious project from Mom Endeavors, I knew we just had...

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  6. Glue Necklace

    Glue Necklace

    My daughter loves to accessorize, and she loves art...so this craft was perfect for my fashionable, artistic kiddo. It allowed her to make her very...

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  7. Kool-Aid Dyed Pasta

    Kool-Aid Dyed Pasta

    So, what does one use Kool-Aid dyed pasta for? Well, this is an easy way to add a cool material to use for kids...

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  8. Toothpaste + Toys = Good, Clean Fun!

    Toothpaste + Toys = Good, Clean Fun!

    Toothpaste and a large plastic bag make a fun sensory experience for children to feel, see, and create with. When I first introduced this to...

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  9. Mason Jar Cupcakes

    Mason Jar Cupcakes

    These mason jar cupcakes are so easy to make/transport--and are virtually mess free when served. We've made them for a couple of birthday parties...

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  10. Word Hunt

    Word Hunt

    Children love to collect things: rocks, Matchbox cars, stickers. So it makes sense that they might be motivated to learn how to read new words...

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  11. Chocolate Dipping Spoons

    Chocolate Dipping Spoons

    These chocolate dipping spoons are yummy, easy for kids to make with a little help from a grown-up, and great to give as gifts. ...

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  12. Under the Sea Play Scene

    Under the Sea Play Scene

    Are your kids as obsessed with underwater critters as mine are? They both love learning about fish, sea horses, and sharks and just about anything...

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  13. Dirt Cake

    Dirt Cake

    Have fun with your kids in the kitchen with this simple dirt cake recipe.

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  14. Portable Doll Dress-up Board

    Portable Doll Dress-up Board

    My three-year-old is coming into her own when it comes to fashion and dressing herself and having an opinion about what she wears. So we...

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  15. Puffy Paint Window Clings

    Puffy Paint Window Clings

    Hearts! Hearts! Everywhere hearts! Is how my children and I usually feel for half of February. Anything that we can turn into, create, or make...

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