Pretend Campfire (with S'mores!)

 Pretend Campfire (with S'mores!)

Want to bring the wonder of the great outdoors...inside? With this pretend fire and s'more kit, indoor camping has never been more fun! My kids had a blast imagining that they were in a forest sitting around a campfire, roasting s'mores, and telling tall tales. We had such a great time that we left the "fire" going for a few days. Our campfire became a place to cook for baby doll friends, a firefighter's dilemma, and a meeting point for siblings to pretend, laugh, and play together!

2 - 7
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. rocks / stones
  2. toilet paper tubes
  3. tissue paper
  4. felt
  5. cotton balls
  6. battery operated tea lights (optional)
  1. This project is a great opportunity to go on a nature walk and explore together. Collect small sticks for pretend marshmallow roasting and small rocks to build the pretend campfire. My children are happiest when they are outdoors, and they love collecting just about anything.

  2. After you've collected your nature treasures, it's time to cut some felt. Cut the sheet of tan felt into squares the size of graham crackers and the brown felt into squares the size of chocolate bars.

  3. Grab some cotton balls for fluffy marshmallows, and you're ready to set up camp. The kids had a great time scrunching tissue paper to look like fire. We set this up with recycled paper rolls and some larger sticks we found on our walk.

  4. We sat around our campfire making pretend s'mores and telling stories. The fire became a gathering place for many days of family fun!