Alphabet Flower Garden

Alphabet Flower Garden

Make a beautiful flower garden while learning letters and letter sounds!

2 - 5
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. piece of paper - large
  2. flower stickers - or circle stickers
  3. marker
  1. Prep the alphabet garden by drawing flower stems on a piece of large paper. Write a letter above each stem. Next, write letters on your flower stickers. If you don't have flower stickers you can draw a flower shape on the paper and use circle stickers with the letters written on them to stick inside the flower shape you drew.

  2. With this activity your child can match capital letters to capital letters or capital letters to lowercase letters (which is what we are working on). When I told her we were going to fill this garden with colorful flowers she was thrilled and dove right in. Taking the back off of the sticker is great for fine motor skill development (look at her concentration!), but if it is frustrating for your child, do it for them this time so they can focus on matching the letters.

  3. Your child can pick any flower and match it or work in alphabetical order to match them. When she picked a sticker I asked her what letter she picked. Then we said the letter sound together.

  4. She was so proud that she made the flower garden all by herself and she still has it sitting on her shelf. What a fun spring learning activity!