Amazing Swing Experiment

Amazing Swing Experiment

Hmmm.... Can we see the laws of physics in action while swinging on a swing? Well, we do love to swing, so let's find out!

5 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. swing
  2. kitchen timer
  3. stuffed animal (optional)
  1. This is one of our favorite physics experiments. Supposedly, a swing will swing at the same rate, no matter who's on it. Can this be true?

  2. We set our kitchen timer for one minute. Madeleine decided that she would swing "medium" first. I pulled her back a bit, pushed "start" on the timer, and let her go. Swing, swing, swing! We counted the times that she swung back to!

  3. Jorge's turn! Jorge went low and slow, lest he fall off. Again, "One...two...three...16!" before the timer went "beep beep beep."

  4. Trevy's turn... Trev's swing was a combo: sometimes fast,  sometimes slow. 16 swings in a minute!

  5. Mama's turn! Oh, I went as high as I could... I was moving so fast... Sixteen! Maddie wanted to give it one more go, "fast" this time... Yup! You guessed it! She swung 16 times in a minute. Slow or fast...with a tiny stuffed animal or holding a grown-up, a swing will swing the same amount of times! Awesome. Now grab your timer and go!