Ancient Animal Painting

Ancient Animal Painting

You don't have to have the ability to draw a perfect picture for these fine examples... simple shapes make fantastic art!

4 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. clay
  2. sand
  3. paint
  4. cotton ball - or sponge
  5. sand paper
  1. Another project using things we already have in the house! We so love that.

  2. First we softened up the clay a bit--which of course included tossing it into the air, and making up a "Pizza Pie!" song.

  3. When it was just the right size, and a good thickness - a little over half an inch - Maddie and Trev put the clay on their work area, then sprinkled sand on it, and pressed the sand onto the clay. We let them dry overnight. The first part of the project was done!

  4. The next day when they were dry, they got down to serious business. What would they paint? Oooh, a mammoth for one, and moose for the other!

  5. They brushed the excess sand off of the clay. To paint, or not to paint? Trev opted for the natural color of the sand, and Maddie wanted to paint, so she mixed black and white paints.

  6. All dry and ready! Here we go, then... "This sand is really difficult to draw on!" said Maddie. Aaah. Love that appreciation for the ancients!

  7. They drew their outlines first with a small brush,

  8. then dabbed in their paint... a mixture of reds and browns.

  9. When the paint was dry, we only needed to make it look old, so we took a piece of sandpaper and rubbed the clay to 'age' it.

  10. All finished! I wonder what new insights my children will have the next time we visit our area's petroglyphs...