Balloon Bracelet

Balloon Bracelet

The new fad trinket at store checkouts always grabs my kids' attention...and my attention too as I brainstorm ways that we can make the item ourselves.

These were pretty simple to break down and now I am hooked! Here's a new way to use balloons without all the popping. Colorful and festive, these balloon bracelets are fun for kids to create and make the best DIY party favors. Try it: You may ended up making a few for yourself as well.

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. balloons (the long ones you use to make animal balloons)
  2. elastic string
  3. masking tape (optional)
  4. scissors
  1. I always have elastic string around just because my daughter is a homemade jewelery extraordinaire, and I learned quickly it is much easier for her to work with that than regular string. Easier for her means less frustration for all. 

  2. First, snip the ends off of the balloons that you plan to use. We learned that cutting the balloons into two to three pieces makes it much easier to thread the balloons on the string.

  3. Then, we were ready to string the balloon onto the elastic. To hold the elastic in place, I just taped it down with a piece of masking tape.

  4. My five-year-old needed a little help getting the string through the balloon, but after it was through she did great at scrunching them down.

  5. Once you have the length you need for a bracelet, you can tie the string into a knot and cover the knot with the balloon ends.

  6. Pretty cool, right? I love them! This will definitely be a party favor at our future birthday parties.

  7. Balloon animals with the leftover balloons? Sure, why not!