Be a Play Dough Detective

Be a Play Dough Detective

What left that footprint? Solve the mystery to find out and become a play dough detective.

3 - 7
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. play dough
  2. small plastic animals or figurines
  3. magnifying glass - (optional)
  1. Gather a few plastic animals or figurines from your toy area and play dough. Have your child help you roll 6 play dough balls and flatten them with your palm.

  2. I picked 3 dinosaurs. When he wasn't looking, I pushed them into the play dough to make footprints. I left the pink play dough without footprints so he could use it to experiment with. I set it all up and called him over and said, "Look dinosaurs were here. They left footprints! Can you figure out which dinosaur left which footprint?" There's nothing like a mystery to get a child's attention! He used the dinosaurs to make his own sets of footprints and then matched them up to solve the mystery.

  3. Right away he wanted to do it again, but he wanted me to make it harder for him by having 4 insects to choose from and only 3 sets of prints.

  4. The insects were more of a challenge and it was so neat to see the prints in the play dough.

  5. We did this activity over and over again. He even made a mystery for me to solve and one for his sister too. It was a fun, new way to play with play dough!