Bottle Cap Bots

Bottle Cap Bots

Cold, lazy days are a perfect time to turn simple household objects into motor-powered toys. Here's a fun project that recycles bottle caps into little robots that dance and scoot in all kinds of surprising ways!

9 - 16
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. bottle cap - (any kind)
  2. coin cell battery - (with leads)
  3. small vibration motor - (with leads, 3V or less)
  4. double stick foam
  5. clay
  6. wire stripper
  1. Stick the mounting sticker down on the top of the bottle cap.

  2. Stick the battery and motor on top of the bottle cap side-by-side.

    Important: Make sure the head of the motor is free to spin!

  3. Use the wire strippers to cut the leads of the motor and battery to be the same length. Strip the plastic off the ends of the wires.

  4. Twist the ends of the black wires together and the ends of the red wires together. Your bottle cap should start to vibrate!

  5. Use a piece of clay to stick the loose wires to the sides of the bottle cap.

  6. You can change how your bot steers by sticking a small piece of clay to the bottom of the bottle cap. See if you can find a way to get your bot to travel in a straight line, or try setting up an obstacle course for your bot to navigate!

  7. Add googly eyes or stickers to give your bots some personality! Set your bottle cap bot on a flat surface and watch it go!

    Your bot will behave differently on different surfaces. Does it run best on wood, cardboard, carpet or tile?