Bottle Cap Creature Magnet

Bottle Cap Creature Magnet

Easy, recycled and adorable! I love these, and so do my kids! These cute bottle cap faces are made by just adding paint and eyes. They dry in all sorts of different ways, creating a unique face to each one. We love that the look of each creature is a surprise. Add some magnets and you have a perfect little gift to give to grandpa or a neighbor.

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. bottle caps
  2. paint
  3. googly eyes
  4. adhesive magnets (optional)
  1. We used washable paints for this, but I think any kind of paint would work. I used washable for the obvious reasons....

  2. First the kids can fill each bottle cap with their color (or colors) of choose. My two-year-old watched my five-year-old with an almost shocked looked on his face. I think he couldn't get over the fact that I handed her the entire bottle of paint. He might have been expecting a more exciting outcome from that than what he got.

  3. After the bottle caps are filled with paint the kids dropped googly eyes on top. You really have to drop them on top because if you push too hard they sink.

  4. Here us are our little bottle cap crew working very hard to dry for us. They take a day or two to dry, so if you have little impatient wee ones I might just move them out of sight for awhile. We left them on our doorstep and greeted and checked on their cute faces with each passing. It's really neat to see each one changing and becoming different as they dry. Once dry, we added some adhesive magnets to the back to use on our fridge.

  5. Here is the crew dry and hanging out on the side of the fridge. My five-year-old: "They are all so different and I love them all." Sweet music to my ears.