Bottle Top Color Wheel

Bottle Top Color Wheel

If your child loves to paint or is learning his colors, then this Bottle Top Color Wheel is a fun (albeit bit messy) way to introduce your youngster to a kaleidoscope of colors!

2 - 6
Est. Time:
1-2 hours

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. bottle caps
  2. paint
  3. cardboard
  1. To get ready to make the Bottle Top Color Wheel, collect bottle tops and find a thick piece of cardboard (for example, the top of a pizza box.)

    Trace a circle and divide it into 6 equal sections. If you don't have bottle tops you could also make your color wheel with construction paper (rip and glue onto the wheel), paint chips, images from magazines, or colored pasta.

  2. We put bottle tops in each section to estimate how many of each color we would need. This was a fun way to sneak in a little math.

  3. Paint the bottle tops. We painted the top surface, but that made it harder to glue them on later. It might be a good idea to paint the inside of each top and that way there is more surface to glue onto the cardboard. I gave each child a color to be in charge of ,which helped us keep track of how many of each color we were making.

  4. Let the bottle tops dry for a few hours or overnight. Then glue the tops onto the color wheel. This was the part where we discovered we didn't have enough of a few colors. We just spread the tops out in those sections. Overall, this was such a fun way to explore colors!