Breakfast Burritos

Breakfast Burritos

Mornings always feel a bit crazy, and I am forever looking for ways to simplify and speed up our morning routine. With my two boys, it seems there is always something that keeps us from getting out the door on time -- no matter what time we get up, and how much I plan. I also want to get a healthy breakfast with some protein in their bellies before we head out the door, otherwise I know that their transition to school doesn't go as well.

One thing that has helped are my mini breakfast burritos. I've shared these with many friends who say they now make them all the time. You can make them a day or two ahead, and just heat them up in a couple of minutes on the stove or microwave, add fruit and a good breakfast is ready in minutes.

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. scrambled eggs
  2. small tortilla
  3. shredded cheese of preference
  4. salt
  5. pepper
  1. Pile the eggs and cheese in the tortilla and fold into a little burrito. I wrap them in cellophane and refrigerate and they hold their shape quite well. The next day I either quickly microwave for about 20 seconds, or toss them in a pan to heat and toast them. For variety, I sometimes add veggies to the eggs, mix in a precooked chicken apple sausage, and serve it with fruit salad, or avocado and sour cream. My kids love them, and I love how simple they make our morning!