Bubble Wrap Indian Corn

Bubble Wrap Indian Corn

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. card stock (for your printable)
  2. finger paint (red, yellow, orange, brown, and white)
  3. paper plate
  4. bubble wrap
  5. markers
  6. scissors
  7. white glue
  8. paintbrushes
  9. hole punch
  10. paper towels
  11. wax paper
  1. Print out the Indian Corn printable on card stock. Next gather your materials and tools--that is, if you can pry the bubble wrap out of your child's hands!

  2. Lay your bubble wrap over the printable, bubble side down, and trace the corn shape onto the flat side of the bubble wrap.

  3. Cut out the corn shapes in the bubble wrap and paper. (V.'s not quite old enough for scissors yet--but of course this is a step that slightly older kids can do on their own.)

  4. Now here's the fun part! Start painting the bubble wrap on the bumpy side.

  5. Have your child paint the corn until it is completely covered, in every nook and cranny (and possibly child!) in paint.

  6. We started off with the bubble wrap corn directly on the table and then added some wax paper under them for the painting once it got a little messier.

  7. Once the painting fun is done, lay the painted corn pieces out to dry on paper towels until completely dry. This was left overnight for us because V got very heavy with the paint near the end, so ours was a little thicker with paint.

  8. Once the painted bubble wrap corn is completely dry, have your child make a layer of glue on each cardstock corn. Having them squeeze out the glue is great for their fine motor skills.

  9. Place each painted bubble wrap corn piece, painted side up, on top of the glue-covered paper corn piece. V positioned it on and then I adjusted it a little to fit more precisely.

  10. Once the two pieces are glued together and intact, punch a hole through both layers at the bottom of the corn (the wider end--not the point).

  11. Lastly, tie about 5 strands of raffia or twine (your "husks") through the holes to connect the corn. These stayed in this location for the approximate time it took me to take the picture, then V proceeded to carry it around with her. It's final home is now on the wall in our entryway.