Bubble Wrap & Paint

Bubble Wrap & Paint

My husband and I were cleaning out our garage a bit this weekend and ended up with a pile of bubble wrap and cardboard. My son used some of the cardboard to make race tracks for his cars I had recently seen some fun examples of using bubble wrap for art projects, so we decided to give that a try this afternoon.

2 - 9
Est. Time:
1-2 hours

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. paint
  2. bubble wrap
  3. paper
  4. cookie tray
  1. We gathered together our tempera paints, the bubble wrap, and a couple trays (I used cookie sheets.) I cut the bubble wrap down to slightly smaller than the cookie sheet so it would fit nicely inside.

  2. I let my daughter go to town squeezing out as much paint as she wanted.

  3. This was super fun for her, because usually it's mama's job to put the paint on the palette. She loved the responsibility and independence of controlling how much paint to squeeze out, of which color, and where.

  4. Then I told her she could swirl the paints together and that we needed to cover the whole tray. This was really where the fun began!

  5. "Oh, we need just a little more white here, Mommy. Definitely more!" We also had a good discussion around what would happen if she added more white versus more black or green. This is a great opportunity for a quick lesson in color mixing!

  6. We finally agreed that we had plenty of paint on the tray. We then laid the bubble wrap onto the tray (we did this part together, to make sure that we got it in without smearing too much more paint on the counter.) She patted the bubble wrap down for a bit to make sure the paint was well adhered. This was also a fun and different tactile experience for her.

  7. Then, we carefully placed the bubble wrap onto our paper to imprint a design. She carefully peeled the bubble wrap off the paper, while I held the other end of the paper down.

  8. And voila--a Bubble Wrap masterpiece! Her brother of course wanted to get in on the action, so he created his own too. They both discovered a neat bonus activity with this project: you can take a brush and create a whole new painting with the paint that's already on the paper from the bubble wrap print. All in all, we agreed that this project was a winner. While there's definitely more of a mess factor here than some, the process is a really rewarding one for kids, and you end up with a unique and beautiful product!