Bug T-shirt

Bug T-shirt

My daughter loves to make anything she can actually wear. Fabric paints are definitely a favorite of hers. For this project, we used some recycled goods to create a super cute bug print t-shirt.

4 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. t-shirt
  2. fabric paint
  3. cardboard
  4. bottle tops
  5. paper towel roll
  1. We used different sized lids and tops to stamp bug shapes on the t-shirt. Tulip fabric paints work best for stamping, but for the details on each bug, puffy paint worked great.

  2. First I placed a sheet of cardboard in between the t-shirt layers to keep them from sticking. Emma got to work creating her bugs. She used a paper roll to stamp butterfly wings. You can give it a squeeze to get that wing shape.

  3. Larger lids made for the perfect ladybug body, while a smaller drink bottle cap was a great little bug head. I loved seeing Emma get creative with these new art materials -- all right from our recycle bin.

  4. We let our t-shirt dry overnight, but as soon as it was dry it was put right on! You can use this style of stamping with regular paints and paper as well.