Bunny Ear Chocolate Bars

Bunny Ear Chocolate Bars

These adorable chocolate bars are my absolute favorite Easter treat to put together. It's particularly a great craft to do with the kids: you can wrap each piece, and let them draw the bunny details on each piece. Great as a party favor or a treat for your children to pass out to their classmates for the holiday, these little bunnies are sure to be a hit!

5 - 8
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. white paper
  2. ink pad(s)
  3. pencil and eraser
  4. black marker or pen
  5. tape
  1. Gather your materials. I used white construction paper, but you can make colorful bunnies if you prefer.

  2. For each mini chocolate bar or treat that you want to decorate, cut a piece of paper that will wrap around the entire pieces of candy. I measured the size of the Kit-Kat bars that I was using and added 1 inch to each side to guide my cutting dimensions. Wrap each piece of candy with the paper and use a piece of clear scotch tape to hold it in place. Continue wrapping the candy like you would a Christmas present until each end is secure.

  3. Using an unused pencil eraser, stamp two green dots and one pink dot to make the face of a bunny rabbit. Use a sharpie or a black pen to complete the details on each face.

  4. Working freehand, cut out a pair of bunny ears for each chocolate bar. Adhere to the back of each candy with a small piece of scotch tape.

  5. Your bunnies are ready for the party!