Button Chain Bracelet

Button Chain Bracelet

These bracelets are very simple to make, and you'll only need buttons and elastic beading string. Perfect for a party activity, or a little gift for a friend!

5 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. buttons
  2. elastic string
  1. Elastic string will ensure that the bracelet fits, and that it will go on and off easily. As for buttons--it's just as pretty when made with plain ones!

  2. Madeleine first tied a knot, leaving enough length on either side for us to tie the ends together later.

  3. She strung on the first button, through both holes--up through the first, down through the second. She strung on the second button in the same way, so half of it was lying over the first button.

  4. Laced this way, the buttons will overlap, so that the bracelet will be two-sided. Either layer can be the top side; you could do the bottom layer whites, and the top layer blues, and wear it either way.

  5. When it was big enough to fit her wrist, we tied the ends securely, and they were finished! She was pleased to have three bracelets in no time, and very excited to choose one to gift to a friend!