Button Hairpins

Button Hairpins

These darling hairpins couldn't be simpler to make! Do you like ducks? Dragonflies? Hearts? Anything is possible!

4 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. buttons (shank and holed)
  2. bobby pins
  3. embroidery needle and thread (optional)
  4. pretty paper (optional)
  5. hole punch (optional)
  1. If you're making hairpins for a friend or for a party activity, you may want small cards of pretty paper to hold them.

  2. Most of the pretties that Maddie made were with the shank buttons -- she only needed to slide them on!

  3. We also have some darling flower and heart buttons, so I showed her (with a heavy, dull embroidery needle) how simple it was to tie on the string, then come up through one hole and down the other (over one part of the bobby pin).

  4. Easy enough!

  5. When she had quite a collection of pins, she used fancy scissors to make a card, and punched holes to insert pins for storing.

  6. She slid them on, through the holes, and she was finished! She is looking forward to sending them off in the mail to a friend for her birthday!