Classroom or Naptime Keepsake

Classroom or Naptime Keepsake

Being away from home can be tough on kids. Our school recommends making a special keepsake that kids can keep in their cubbies and pull out at nap time or when they're feeling sad. Every year since preschool, my son Dillon and I make something new together to bring to school for this very purpose. This year, he asked if we could make a "stuffie" that he could cuddle with during quiet time.

5 - 9
Est. Time:
1-2 hours

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. scissors
  2. cotton canvas (1 Yard)
  3. pencil
  4. fabric paint
  5. embroidery needle
  6. thread
  7. sewing machine
  8. fabric pencil (1 Yard)
  9. cotton flannel (soft gret)
  10. felt
  11. thread
  12. scissors
  13. recycled stuffing (e.g., old t-shirts cut into strips and extra cotton batting)
  14. straight pins
  1. We ended up making two different stuffies. For the first stuffy, Dillon drew what he wanted the stuffy to look like (our kitty), and then traced the shape around cotton canvas. I helped him cut out the fabric and then he used fabric paint and markers to color kitty. With an embroidery needle and thread, he stitched up most of the kitty and stuffed her with batting. I then helped him sew up the final edge.

  2. For the second stuffy, Dillon asked if I could sew it with my sewing machine because he wanted a sturdy, pillow-like stuffy. Since I wanted Dillon to have a hand in creating both stuffies, I asked him to draw the design. We discussed some of the types of things that mommy can sew (simpler shapes, and a little rounded--nothing too fancy; I'm a basic sewer and this was the first time I've pulled out my sewing machine in over a year). Here's the design Dillon came up with.

  3. And here's the pattern we created from his drawing.

  4. I added 1/4" around for the seam and traced the pattern onto the fabric with a fabric pencil. We went through some fabric scraps I had around and decided on soft grey cotton flannel for the body, bright orange and green felt for the eyes, and some bright purple orange and green thread.

  5. To create this stuffy, I first pinned the pattern face-down to two pieces of fabric facing right side in. Dillon traced the shape onto the fabric with a fabric pencil, and I cut the fabric out. Dillon cut the circles of felt, and together we hand-sewed these on. We used the bright green thread to create an eye. Once these details were on, I pinned the two sides together right side in and stitched them on my machine, leaving an opening for stuffing. (Note: I left a slightly larger opening, so that it would be easier for Dillon to help.)

  6. Once the stuffy was sewn, Dillon turned it right side out and began stuffing. For the inside, we used a mix of recycled stuffing (old t-shirts we cut into strips) and extra cotton batting I had on hand. Dillon and I took turns. We had a few silly laughs while he put the guts in. After our stuffy felt nice and pillowy, I stitched up the back end.

  7. Here is Dillon loving his two new stuffies, Kitty Buns and Round Circle. Dillon decided that Round Circle will go to school and Kitty Buns will stay home for nighttime cuddling.