Clay Birds

Clay Birds

Everyone will find these birds easy to make using a few very simple clay techniques.

4 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. clay - we used model magic
  2. feathers
  3. paper (optional)
  4. skewers (or sticks)
  5. paints ((optional))
  1. There are only a couple ingredients needed for these darling birds, use whatever makes you feel creative.

  2. The first thing to do was to roll some clay, we needed two balls--one sized between an inch and two inches for the body, and another about the size of a marble for the bird's head.

  3. We put those together.

  4. Next came the wings! The children took another bit of clay, and flattened it out. Maddie cut hers into a triangle with scissors, and Trev molded triangles. They were pressed onto the bird's body,

  5. and then a beak was formed on the head by pinching the end of the head. I showed Maddie how to do it, "See? Is that good?" "No, that's WAY too big!" she said, making me smile. She was able to fix it and make it just right. They poked in dots for eyes with a pencil,

  6. and then added feathers for the tail. Curled paper, pipe cleaners, feathers... whatever makes your bird sing!

  7. We let ours sit overnight so their wings could dry a bit, and in the morning they were all ready to fly!