Clay Fortune Cookies

Clay Fortune Cookies

No Chinese take-out meal is complete without fortune cookies. My older kid eagerly cracks open his cookie to read the fortune--eating the cookie is a mere afterthought!

We made these clay cookies so that the kids can swap out the fortunes whenever they want. My toddler had so much fun with these, he kept asking when he could eat them. Perhaps we'll have to make edible ones next!

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. oven-bake clay
  2. rolling pin
  3. wax paper
  4. paint
  5. paper
  6. scissors
  7. pan
  1. At least in our home, oven-bake modeling clay is a must-have in our craft stash. The clay doesn't dry out (until you bake it) and a big package of white is all you need for most projects.

  2. First, line your work area with parchment or wax paper. Then soften the clay by kneading it and roll the clay into a ball about 1" in diameter. My kids needed a little help to start but had fun squishing the clay around.

  3. Flatten the clay ball with your palm and then roll it into a large flat circle using a rolling pin. (No rolling pin on hand? A soup can, jelly jar, or plastic cup works well, too.) Don't worry if the circle isn't perfect. Pinch in any holes that form and re-roll to smooth out the clay.

  4. Fold the thin clay circle in half, making sure to leave a "hump" near the fold. Pinch the edge together as shown. Leave the rest unpinched.

  5. Place your thumb in the middle of the fold and slightly fold in the sides. Fold slowly so you don't crack or break the clay.

  6. Leave one side slightly open. (This is where the fortune will be inserted.) Bake the clay according to the package instructions. Our cookies took about 15 minutes to bake and another 10 to cool. I just transferred the parchment to a baking sheet.

  7. Paint the cookies! Encourage your child to paint them whatever colors they'd like. We used gouache watercolors but tempera paint or watercolors work well too.

  8. While the paint dries, cut slips of paper and write out your fortunes. Fold and insert the notes into the open side of the cookie. You can easily create and swap out different fortunes. These cookies now live in our play food collection and often make appearances.