Crackled Painting

Crackled Painting

We love to draw and paint in our house, so we were very excited to try out a new technique!

4 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. crayons
  2. paint (dark-colored tempera)
  3. paper (white)
  4. bowl
  5. paintbrush
  6. paper towels (or tissue)
  7. glue
  1. We just needed plain old copy paper for this art project.

  2. Since this project requires the full page to be colored, we thought we'd take it in smaller steps, and cut out (with fancy-dancy scissors) two smaller sections of paper. Maddie drew her flowers with pencil first,

  3. and then colored everything in, pressing firmly to make the crayon markings dark. She colored the background, too. Note: if the the background is dark, the 'crackle' won't show up as well.

  4. Time to crumple it up! Hmmm, wonder what that's gonna do....

  5. Maddie mixed a dark tempera paint with just a little bit of water, straightened the paper back out,

  6. and then washed the whole picture with the paint. We could see how the paint was going into the cracks of the paper!

  7. She had a paper towel handy, in case the paint was too thick, and stuck more than it should to the painting. She blotted a bit, to soak up excess paint.

  8. Maddie wanted more than one art piece on her picture, so made another, then glued them both to a piece of construction paper. She gave it another wash with watered-down glue to make it a bit shiny.

  9. So pretty!