Creating a Simple Spider Web

Creating a Simple Spider Web

Create this simple and easy spider web in your home.

2 - 4
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. white thread
  2. straws - cut into 2 inch pieces
  3. construction paper
  4. googly eyes or white gel pen
  5. glue stick
  6. 2 chairs
  1. Lay 2 four legged chairs on their back as shown in the picture. Take the white thread and wrap it around the chair legs to create a "web."

  2. Then cut a few straws into pieces that are about 1-2 inches long. Cut one side of the straw lengthwise. Open the straw and put it on the web. Repeat with the other pieces.

  3. Using black paper, create a spider. Attach it to one of the straws with glue and allow to dry. Then attach it to the web as done earlier.

  4. Then have your child move the spider and the various straws around and around the web.

  5. Finally, when you are done and ready to clean up, allow your child to practice his small motor skills by cutting away the web. This was by far my child's favorite part!