Cupcake Wrapper Flowers

Cupcake Wrapper Flowers

This is such a fun craft for one or two kids or a whole crowd. If you need an activity for kids to do together at a playdate or a party, this is easy to set up and fun for the kids to put together. Only a few simple supplies are needed to make these pretty, colorful flowers.

2 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. cupcake liners
  2. scissors
  3. pipe cleaners
  1. I precut some of the cupcake liners for the younger children and showed the older children how to cut in different styles. You can draw on the cupcake wrapper first or cut freehand. We made various styles: pointed petals, rounded petals, scalloped petals.

  2. The kids began selecting and cutting their cupcake wrappers. Some of our flowers had layers of several wrappers, some a single wrapper. Smaller wrappers can be used to make smaller flowers or as centers for larger flowers.

  3. To make leaves, we sketched a leaf pattern onto green paper and cut the leaves out. We used a hole punch to make a hole at the bottom of each leaf.

  4. Bend a pipe cleaner in half and thread the leaves onto the pipe cleaner.

  5. To attach the pipe cleaner stems, gently poke a hole in the center of your flower with a pencil or scissors tip and push the two ends of the pipe cleaner through the hole. Bend the ends slightly so they hold onto the flower.

  6. We glued pompoms or other embellishments to some of the centers of our flowers, too.

  7. Then we displayed our flowers in some assorted vases. Aren't they pretty? The kids really enjoyed coming up with various color and style combinations to create this collection of unique flowers.