Customized Clipboard

Customized Clipboard

My five-year old has been wanting her very own clipboard for awhile now. I think it started after a doctor visit, when her favorite nurse had a clipboard in hand. We decided to make one that would be personalized and very special to her. It was easy and came out so adorable. I think this would be a great birthday party craft.

3 - 8
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. clipboard
  2. washi tape/colored tape
  3. ribbon
  4. pipe cleaners (1)
  1. I found a clipboard at the dollar store and knew that with a few personal touches, it would be exactly what Emma had in mind for her very own clipboard.

  2. She used washi tape to make it her own. Washi tape is a fun, decorative tape that can get a little addicting--watch out!

  3. We had a few different patterns that Emma cut and wrapped all on her own. She was very proud.

  4. She wrapped a pipe cleaner around the clip to make it even more fun!

  5. I helped her tie some ribbons to the side of the clip, and she was ready to play. She of course immediately became a nurse, and I was very lucky to be the patient. She used her clipboard to document all of my vitals (which were thankfully very good.) This clipboard keeps getting used for a new purpose every day.