DIY Airbrush T-shirt

DIY Airbrush T-shirt

We have been wanting to try our own airbrush art. What better canvas to use then a t-shirt my daughter can proudly wear!

4 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. t-shirt
  2. clothing dye
  3. spray bottle
  4. cardboard
  5. newspaper
  1. We found a clothing dye that came right in a spray bottle ready for us to use, but you can also just add the dye of your choice to an empty spray bottle. We added a sheet of newspaper between the shirt layers so the color would not bleed to the back.

  2. Next I cut some stars from a piece of cardboard. My daughter placed them around the t-shirt. Once she had her shirt design ready, she sprayed right over the stars with the dye.

  3. When we removed the cardboard stars we were left with a great star image and some pretty cool airbrushing.

  4. She could hardly wait to wear it! Our dye instructed us to let the shirt dry overnight and wash in warm water the next day. Each dye is different, so please double-check your care instructions.

  5. We will definitely be making a few more of these! This technique has so many possibilities.