DIY Binoculars

DIY Binoculars

Get ready for a safari adventure with your very own binoculars! These easy cardboard binoculars are easy to create with materials out of the recycling bin.

3 - 7
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. toilet paper tubes
  2. duct tape
  3. rubber bands
  4. sticky-back felt
  5. ribbon
  6. hole punch
  1. Tape is a fun material for this project since even very young kids can use it to decorate the tubes. We found it much easier to decorate each tube separately, and then tape them together afterwards.

  2. My son had a blast using the colorful tape to decorate each side of the binoculars. Our plan at this point was to just attach the tubes together, but my son insisted that he needed something between them so "my nose will fit". So we improvised, and taped on a couple empty tape rolls. We had several to due to excessive tape usage in the first step.

  3. Then, more tape around the whole thing to attach both tubes together.

  4. At this point I was planning on punching a hole in each tube to tie on some ribbon, but again my son took over the project and decided to attach his new binoculars to a safety lanyard he brought home from camp. He then ran off to collect some toy animals for us to search for on our safari.

  5. While animals were being fetched, I created a second pair for my 3-year-old, using slightly less tape this time. Instead of taping the two sides together, I used two rubber bands. To add a little extra reinforcement, I also taped the ends together with a piece of sticky felt

  6. Finally, I punched holes in the ends and threaded some ribbon through, and we were ready to head out on safari!

  7. We walked to the park with our basket of animals and took turns hiding and finding. Happy safari searching!