DIY Chalkboard Planters

DIY Chalkboard Planters

My daughter and I usually plant a little potted herb garden together each summer. This year to make it extra fun we made some chalkboard pots to hold our plants. An extra bonus was that she could practice her spelling and writing in a new and fun way.

4 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. terra cotta pots
  2. chalkboard paint
  3. chalk
  4. herb plants
  1. Chalkboard paint is so much fun. We love creating little chalkboards in unexpected places.

  2. For some of our large pots, we decided to just do paint a label-sized rectangle of chalkboard paint.

  3. For other pots, we painted the entire bottom portion. They each needed about 2-3 layers of paint to be well-coated.

  4. We grabbed some chalk and decided which pot would hold what.

  5. My daughter wrote the name of each herb on the front of the pots. All that was left was to plant our plants.

  6. I loved the way our pots looked with my five-year-old's sweet writing on the front of each one. This would make a great gift, too.