DIY Cork Stamps

DIY Cork Stamps

This fun and colorful project teaches the art of reusing materials to make new and beautiful things!

2 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. ink pads
  2. corks
  3. small foam stickers - sized to fit on the end of a cork
  4. watercolor paper or thick cardstock
  1. Gather all your materials.

  2. Start by removing the backing from the foam stickers. Separating the paper from the stickers & placing them on the corks is a wonderful fine motor activity.

  3. Attach all your foam stickers to the corks, pressing down hard to secure to make stamps.

  4. Just like a regular stamp, stamp it in your ink, foam sticker side down, and create your artwork. For this activity, V&T were both involved. This was T's first Kiwi Crate activity!

  5. And there you have it - a super quick, super fun DIY stamping activity.